Student Stories: Helene from France

01st January 1970

Student Stories - Helene from France

What made you decide to study in Cairns?

Because it is a beautiful region with the Great Barrier Reef.

How long have you been in Cairns?

I have been living in Cairns for eight months.

Which institution/college are you currently studying at?

I am studying English at Sun Pacific College.

What makes studying in Cairns great?

I love to go shopping!

What do you love about living in Cairns?

I love Cairns as it’s located on the coast and its easy to get to the Great Barrier Reef.

What are you 5 top tips of places to visit or things to do in the Cairns region?

1. Fitzroy Island
2. Kuranda
3. Green Island
4. Port Douglas
5. Cairns City

How has being in Cairns positively impacted your life?

I have enjoyed the freedom of living and studying in Cairns.

Describe two highlights from studying in Cairns

Going to the beach and the warm tropical climate.

What will you miss about Cairns when you return home?

I will miss being able to go to the beach every day.

What would you say to future students who are thinking about Studying in Cairns?

Choose Cairns to study English – it’s a beautiful region of Queensland.

Do you want to volunteer?

The Student Hub welcomes students who want to help by volunteering their time and skills to assist other students. We’re also developing an exciting Internship Program and are happy to assist with finding an internship or volunteer position for you.


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