Student Ambassadors 2023

The Study Cairns Student Ambassador program offers a fantastic opportunity to international secondary and higher education students in Cairns to be the "face" of international students. Ambassadors are invited to VIP behind the scenes experiences, personal development workshops, cultural happenings, offered professional networking opportunities and get the opportunity to lead and facilitate events across the city.
This year, we have an amazing and diverse group of Ambassadors with many different nationalities representing  Cairns. They share their adventures on their social media and in blogs. We asked them to share some insights about themselves, why they chose to study in Cairns, what it's really like to study in Cairns.
Berna (Germany)

Berna (Germany)

Berna is currently studying a Diploma in Hospitality and Management at TAFE.

Berna first came to Cairns 3 and a half years ago on a working holiday visa and completely fell in love with the nature, lifestyle and different cultures here. She says she’s met many different people, each from a different walk of life and have loved sharing so many new experiences with all the friendships she has made in this beautiful country.

Berna says “I would like to encourage people from different countries to travel and live in another country to get a new experience. I love hearing all different stories of people from all over the world who have made their way to Cairns to live, work or study.”

Gracie (England)

Gracie (England)

Gracie is studying primary education as part of James Cook University exchange program.

Gracie chose to volunteer as a student ambassador as she had been elected as one at her home university and wanted to carry it on whilst on exchange in Australia.

“I love caring for people and am passionate about teaching. I am hoping to become a teacher and move back to Australia once qualified”.

Moving to Australia as an international student has been a big step for Gracie and she says she felt very anxious at first but has found it to extremely rewarding and would like to support other international students through the student ambassador program.

Laura (Colombia)

Laura (Colombia)

Laura is studying English at CCEB.

“I chose Cairns because It is a multicultural city, surrounded by nature, beautiful beaches, landscapes, and Australian wildlife.”

Laura was motivated to be a student ambassador to be able to support other students in their process or development in Cairns, make new friends, learn about new cultures, and practice English.

“I am very happy to be part of this team and I hope to be able to contribute to encouraging others to choose to study in Cairns.”

Lyngel  (Philippines)

Lyngel (Philippines)

Lyngel is currently studying Early Childhood Education at EIM International


Lyngel believes that education is the key to building a brighter future for children. She is enthusiastic about learning and constantly seeks out new opportunities to expand her knowledge and skills.


She decided to study in Cairns because of its diverse community and welcoming atmosphere. 


She is also passionate and driven individual who believes in making a positive impact around her. Her love for nature and promoting a healthy gut lifestyle has been a driving force in her life. 


Lyngel enjoys sharing her love of Cairns with others and helping new students feel welcome and comfortable in their new surroundings. She believes that being a Cairns Student Ambassador is a great way to give back and to make a positive difference in the lives of others.

Manami (Japan) 

Manami (Japan) 

Mana is studying a Diploma of Travel and Tourism Management at CCEB

Mana first came to Cairns 6 years ago on a working holiday and completely fell in love with its vast and wonderful nature, wildlife, and the relaxed lifestyle.

She volunteered to become a Student Ambassador encourage others to choose Cairns as a place to study.

“I want to use my experience and knowledge to help international students and expand my international horizons more.”

Mehakpreet (India)

Mehakpreet (India)

Mehakpreet is studying a Bachelor of Nursing at James Cook University

She chose to come to Cairns because of its abundance of opportunities and variety of career options. Preet says “I didn’t want to go to the cities as I am not a fan of the fast-paced lifestyle.”

Nacho (Chile)

Nacho (Chile)

Nacho is studying engineering at CCEB

Nacho is passionate about the outdoors and adventure sports, like hiking and ice climbing. I currently work in the marketing department at CCEB and will soon start his studies in leadership and management.

“I decided to apply as an ambassador in Cairns because I want to meet new people, expand my network, and contribute my experience and knowledge. I’d love to help others discover all that Cairns has to offer and share my outdoor adventures while exploring everything this beautiful city has to offer.”

Do you want to volunteer?

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