Student Stories: Marina from Japan

01st January 1970

Student Stories - Marina from Japan

What made you decide to study in Cairns?

My mother went on a working holiday to Cairns when she was 22 years old. I’ve heard her talk about Cairns a lot and so decided to come to Cairns when I was 22.

How long have you been in Cairns?

I’ve been in Cairns for eight months.

Which institution/college are you currently studying at?

Sun Pacific College

Do you belong to any clubs or associations?

I play Australian Rules Football.

What makes studying in Cairns great?

There are many friendly Aussies.

What do you love about living in Cairns?

Animals, Aussies and nature. The people are friendly, they don’t rush around and nature is everywhere!

How have you grown personally while being in Cairns?

My personality has developed through being independent and catching buses to get around Cairns.

How has being in Cairns positively impacted your life?

I’ve become accustomed to seeing native animals.

What are your 3 top tips for places to visit in the Cairns region?

1. Kewarra Beach
2. Palm Cove
3. Smithfield

Describe two highlights from studying in Cairns

I’ve done a marathon twice, won IRONMAN event at Sun Pacific College and I was able to watch Annabelle 2 in Cairns City cinema.

Do you want to volunteer?

The Student Hub welcomes students who want to help by volunteering their time and skills to assist other students. We’re also developing an exciting Internship Program and are happy to assist with finding an internship or volunteer position for you.


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