Keeping mentally healthy using apps

06th September 2019

by Vanessa Mekisic

Keeping mentally healthy everyday can be hard work especially if you are studying, learning, working and missing family and friends.

You can start to feel tired, overwhelmed, lonely and wonder why you even wanted to leave your home.

We have to be connected to technology to study and keep in contact with family, friends and employers so why not use this technology to keep ourselves mentally well and let it guide us through the tough times?

Below are some free apps that you can download on your phone to keep you mentally well.


One Moment Meditation App

Learn to meditate quickly and powerfully finding balance and calm (free)



Includes strategies to relax, develop more helpful ways of thinking to help take charge of anxiety (free)



Includes techniques to help with sleep, focus and get some relief from a busy mind (free)


Toxic Thinking

A guide and an action plan for mental health and what to look out for in others (free)



Includes reminders to make healthy choices, stay connected with other and manage stress.


iCounsellor: Depression

Includes rating scales and strategies to monitor and manage levels of depression.



Draws upon the principles of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy includes thought checker, mood tracker and journal.


Body Beautiful

Helps to cultivate a positive self image and encourages true beauty with inspirational quotes, media articles, videos and tools.


Icounsellor: Eating Disorder

Includes rating scales and strategies to monitor and manage eating disorders.


Remember these are only tools to help you manage and keep on track if you are getting angry often, not wanting to hang out with friends, are worried all the time, or often feel confused and cannot seem to concentrate it might be time to talk to someone either over the phone or in person. Don’t hesitate to contact the Student Hub and make an appointment to see our counsellor.


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