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23rd April 2020 - - 04.00 PM - 05.00 PM

Cairns Student Hub

Join us>>>https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84597920832
(pick any screen name, video or no video)Let’s have a chat, keep updated and in touch through our informal sessions with Patricia from Spain. She’ clinical pshycologist back in her home country and a social worker here in Cairns.

We will discuss and learn from her about topics like:

– How to identify and manage emotions
– What to do during isolation to feel I’m making the most of it with my time
– Anxiety – how to manage it and live in the present moment
– What I can do and what’s out of control
– Options for mental health support and food for non-Australian residents
– Mental exercises to feel better with oneself

We are just going to have a chat to check in with eveyone and see how everyone is doing, connect with others and learn from each other.

Any questions please email admin@studycairns.com.au

** This is a STUDENTS ONLY event

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PLEASE ensure you arrive at least 5 mins before scheduled start time!

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