Student Stories: Davinda from India

01st January 1970

Davindar Kumar

Davinder Kumar is studying a Diploma of Nursing at TAFE NQ Cairns. An enthusiastic student, he is full of energy and compassion.

Davinder features in a new series of international student stories called Student Life: Far From Home soon to be broadcast on the ABC TV and across social media. Study Queensland has been working with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) to develop a video series of international student stories. These short stories highlight how different international students contribute to their local education institution culture, regional community and the variety of roles they play in Queensland society.

Study Cairns is thrilled to have one of our international students feature in the series.

Davinder came to Cairns to study from India, where, from the age of fifteen, he was caring for his quadriplegic father. It was his father who inspired him to come to Australia and study Nursing.

He works at an aged care facility part-time, where he has a special relationship with the residents, often arriving well before his rostered start time to spend a few extra hours with them. His empathy and compassion drive his desire to become a Doctor one day and help those who can’t afford medical treatment.

“…once I’m dedicated to something, I want to achieve it, that’s me”

Davinder has embraced Cairns and its easy-going lifestyle, and the Esplanade has become central to his life. After arriving, he has learnt to swim there, and shed kilos of weight from exercising there. “I was one 126kg and they called me Lumpy Pumpy boy.” He rides his bike, meditates and plays beach volleyball with the local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community. Davinder had no idea how to play when he first joined in, but now he’s part of the club and has made lots of friends and even found love there.

Davinder and his girlfriend from the Cook Islands have a great relationship with the locals and he loves living in Cairns. He’s extremely happy he made the decision to come to here two and half years ago, rather than a big City, and he’s extremely optimistic about the future.

“You just keep on going you know, one day you will reach your destiny.”

Student Life: Far From Home is broadcast on the ABC’s international platforms, ABC social media channels and the Study Queensland channels.

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