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Coping in your new ‘home country’: Aussie customs and lingo

03rd September 2019

by Vanessa Mekisic, Centacare social worker “How ya going, wanna come round for a barbie tomorrow arvo?” “Bring a plate hey, and your own piss and we’ll chuck a snag on the barbie” How would a non-Australian person interpret this? Maybe, they they wonder, “so, they want me to visit them with a Barbie doll […]

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Self care: volunteering helps in many ways

16th July 2019

by our social worker Vanessa Mekisic   Studying in a country where you have to learn a new language, find a job, make new friends, and look for somewhere comfortable to live is a challenge. It is common for people to feel excited upon arrival, but not soon after, they may be faced with challenges […]

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Self care: Emotional Intelligence

03rd June 2019

It is the ability to understand, manage, and control your own emotions.

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